Lovely work! Great compositions, patterns and drawings. I can see inspiration from Klimt and Japanese art. I love the decorative ceramics too. You should be in more galleries!
Justin Clark


We met on the train the other day , I love your work !
It would be lovely to meet up for a glass of wine and a chat about the highs and lows of the artistic life !
julie cushing

Good to meet you

Hi Rachel
It was so lovely to meet you today in Carmarthen. I have very much enjoyed looking at your website while it's been quiet in the shop...I think everyone has gone to the beach..... I especially loved reading your blogs with the delightful illustrations.
I hope we meet again one day!!
Love and best Wishes
Diane Mathias

OMG thankyou

Thank you so so so much for my gorgeous teapot. It is just stunning. I don't know what to say! I may be in contact with u about a big commission job. I'd like a teapot, cups saucers and milk jug all with my logo and design on for when I do wedding taster sessions. Is this something you would be able to do at all. Your work is incredible. And I'm sharing it on my Facebook page ???
Holly gregory

Sat 9th April

Hi Rachel I hope you are well and your family.
I called and left you a message last week re our 10th anniversary at Delaneys and I was wondering if you wanted to stock up on your cards and replenish the prints that have sold etc could you call me on 07534277622 many thanks Belinda
Belinda Delaney

Wow, great!

Beautiful and so professional, lovely girl!xxxxxxx

Buy a print

Hi Rachel, your website is full of wonders and I would love to buy a framed print of the Red Boots. Please can you let me know how to send the payment?
Love, your admiring cousin, Hannah! xx
Hannah Jervis (Shipway)

your work

Love Iris 2
Apples on the shelf
and Seagull paintings

To discuss more email me your email address.x
Handmade Happiness


Hi Rachel, great to talk. Great Websight.
Love Rachel
Rachel Blair-Rains

Photograph from Heal's

Hi Rachel,
Thank you for letting me photograph you yesterday in Heal's. check out and our link to Facebook. you are also on instagram.
Love your work and have fallen for the winter trees tea pot, so if you ever want to swap one for a PLOOM - I'd love to chat!
Sally Page Founder of PLOOMS

We met at Arty[ptz

Hi Rachel - It was good to meet you last week when I was collecting my tiles from Matt. I enjoyed looking at your website, it is very easy to navigate. Are you exhibiting anywhere at present, it would be good to see (and I know I am being old fashioned now!) in the flesh as it were. I think you are much more experienced. and advabced than I am in your bisque painting. I am very much a beginner. Are you self taught, do you have your teapots fired at Artypotz Matt and Penny so lovely. Best regards Maggie
Maggie Ambler

everything beautiful

Helloooo!!!! Boo!
How exciting is this? I love your new stuff especially the circles jug - all gorgeous and you are a very clever girlie!
Wish I could buy everything!! XXXXXX
Annette Glover

Lovely to see you earlier

Hi Rachel,
Love the website and will circulate your details amongst my friends. The blue bird wallpaper is really pretty and unique, I can see why you have fun creating it. Your garden is beautiful and I am insanely jealous of your own little space in which to muse.
Fondest love
Thereza - with the Z!
Thereza Gale


I met you in Fabric Land this afternoon. I love your work both your paintings and your teapots.
I have a Facebook page, Bailey's Baby Boutique if you would like to have a look. Its still very early days for me and I am adding new items all the time.

Meghan Buckley

shop in Totnes

Hello. Sorry if this is the second message not sure if i sent the first one.
You came into our shop and gave me your website details. I think your work is lovely :)
Do you sell your work in other Galleries and if so do you have trade prices? best wishes Penny and Graham

Well done lovely Rachel!

Hiya, I am home form McDonalds - the boy is fed! I have had a quick peek and your website is Great....but your Teapots are beautiful and your paintings are fantastic. You should be very proud to have a great talent like that (I am stuck on stick men still!). I will carry on having a little browse. Keep well and happy x x x
Angie - the lovely lady :-)

Your brilliant website

It is really good! I would like to know more about the wallpaper project. Love Dad xxxx
Roger Holloway

Beautiful work

I love these, your work is so intricate and thoughtful!