Rachel Bone

Hi, I am an Artist, living and working in Hampshire in the UK. I mostly work in pencil, pen, ink, gouache, watercolour and ceramic paints and pencils on ceramics, board and canvas. I often work at an exquisitely small scale, and in monochrome, which adds intensity my images.

The ability of us as humans to both understand and store pattern in our memories is interesting to me, as is the sensory need we have to decorate our own world. Surrounding ourselves with distinctive surfaces, however ordinary the object, which inform and reveal us visually within our lives. We are all creative and have unique ways of seeing, writing the story of and being in our world. In this work, I am creating miniature worlds of pattern and texture, expressing my feeling about being, telling stories, through my own subjective view.

I have exhibited in Bloomsbury, Bath, Guildford, Portsmouth, Chichester, Petersfield, Havant and Fareham. My most recent exhibition being at the Guildford house gallery in Guildford, with the exhibition, 'LITTLE RIOTS'.

I have created a little bear character, called Bunbury Bear, which allows me to create illustrations in pencil and pen and watercolour, in which Bunbury has adventures.

I create and sell decorative pieces and cards as part of my practice, including seasonal celebration pieces and pieces to give.

I love Art, I relish looking at other peoples work and can't imagine a life without the joy of both creating and appretiating.